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Happily Never After


Do fairy tales really end with a happily ever after? For Ella, her happily ever after came to a screeching halt when her incompetent fairy godmother botched her wish. Without a mask for the ball, Ella’s evil stepmother recognized Ella as she waltzed the night away with Prince Charmaine. Ella’s happily ever after swiftly became a happily never after when her stepmother threw her out of the house after smashing her glass slippers. Relying on old and new friends, Ella must learn to become a Lady while avoiding her fairy godmother’s attempts to correct the bad wish as Ella works to find her happily ever after.




A delightful tale by Sonya M. Black, author of The Twisted Files about poor Ella, her nasty step-mother, and a not-very-effective fairy godmother. A quick and fun read.

see review January 26, 2017


The twist on Cinderalla ...

I like unusual love stories and like the twist on Cinderalla finding 'her' prince charming. It was very cute.

View on July 21, 2016


Not worth the time

The story itself was disappointing, she took a great Cinderella classic and turned it into a mess. I love Cinderella based stories, I love the different ways authors are taking the stories. This was a waste of time

View on May 10, 2016


Really enjoyed this book read it in one day

Really enjoyed this book read it in one day and it was everything a fairy tail should be u can really imagine it all while reading it

View on May 2, 2016

I like the twist how godmothers don't always make things turn ...

Cute, quick read! I like the twist how godmothers don't always make things turn out happily ever after.

View on September 29, 2015


Fun Alternate Version of Cinderella

The story is fairly short, and the romances that occur develop rather quickly. However, I like the emphasis on discovering yourself and what you want (and to be careful what you wish for). I would suggest this story is geared to a younger crowd than is stated (9-15 year olds, rather than 12-18 year olds), but I'm an adult and still enjoyed it. It was a fun, quick read that's appropriate for younger readers, too. (There aren't any swear words or inappropriate comments.)

View on September 8, 2015

Great story! I can't wait for her next book

Great story! I can't wait for her next book.

View on July 9, 2015


I was intrigued by the description of this book. I always enjoy a not-so fairy tale kind of fairy tale, if that makes any sense. The idea that the classical Cinderella fairy godmother failing to provide her with her happily ever after, even after the ball with the prince, is a great plot to trace. I enjoy the cute romance between the main characters, including the supporting characters' involvement.

I was rather disappointed because of the predictability of the story line. Some of you might suggest that the Cinderella story is quite predictable to begin with. However, with the twist that the author gave, I expected there to be more intrigue and conflict development. I was able to predict the resolution after reading 28% of the book. The story would also stand to be longer. Although, if the author intended for the story to be short and sweet, it is a success.

That being said, I quite enjoy the cute story. It's something that I enjoy as light reading.

see review July 9, 2015



This was a wonderful story. Loved . How you went into detail of how Ella lost her dad. Love the story of her funding her happily ever after and how she did it. Can't wait for more of your stories.

View on June 7, 2014


cute little fairy tale

see review December 30, 2013



Fun twist on the Cinderella theme. An enjoyable lighthearted read. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

View on October 2, 2013


Cinderella with a twist

Wonderful Cinderella story for young adults with a different twist. Very enjoyable read with very fun characters. I love how the fairy godmothers are portrayed differently than they normally are and how Cinderella learns that sometimes who you think is your prince might not actually be your prince.

View on September 7, 2013


Nice, quirky little tale, of the girl who was cursed by her fairy godmother's interference. I did like the idea of the business which had been set up to repair the damage caused by fairy godmothers!

see review September 4, 2013

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