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The Snow White Files


Snow White is missing! Brendan Hunter is a private investigator stuck on dead-end cases until seven dwarves show up in his office and offer him a King’s ransom to track down a missing girl. Their description of Lily Whitaker sparks his imagination, leading him into the dark world of twisted fairy tales, magical machinations, and political gambits.





Enjoyable, but left some questions

3.5 star book. This was a thoroughly original take on the Snow White story. It was enjoyable, but there were certain aspects of the world the author created that were never explained, especially with regards to the magic and magical creatures introduced in the world. It was a fun, easy read, but not perfect.

View on September 26, 2018

A fun and delightful read

The Snow White Files is not just a retelling of the familiar story. The author gives the fairly tale a wink and a nod, but this story is all her own. Set in a fantasy world resembling 1920’s Chicago with rival factions that are both political and criminal at once, she weaves an intriguing detective story full of magic and of course true love. We meet Brendan Hunter, private investigator, engaged by a powerful dwarf to find a missing young woman. These aren’t your typical dwarves, and Brendan’s assistant isn’t your typical secretary, as you suspect when you learn her hair is “held in place by chopsticks, which serve as both fashion accessory and weapon”. The descriptions are insightful and delightful.

The story is full of danger and intrigue, but also the deep emotions of individuals persevering against their better judgement, following their heart, and doing their best to be happy even when their circumstances are less than ideal. I highly recommend this novel to any who want a fun read and I plan to enjoy more work by this author.

View on September 16, 2018



Quite quirky and unusual ! It has a different play on the usual fairy tale genre. I enjoyed reading it and I’m looking forward to the next one.

see review April 29, 2018


This was an enjoyable twist on the fairy tale Snow White. I liked the main character Brendan, and his partner Stasia (a shapeshifter!) was awesome. Detective stories are a favorite of mine, even more so when fairy tales are involved. I definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy detective stories and fairy tales.

see review January 11, 2018


Tremendous Fun

Bought this as a lark without expecting much but this is wonderful fun. It's well-written, with enough world building to be immersive but not detract from the narrative. The mashup of private investigator in a world of dwarves, mages, and sirens is entertaining, but it's the characters that make it work. It's a fun story. I'ma get the next one.

View on January 6, 2018


Great book and a fun read!

This is a really fun book with unique characters and a great, twisty-turny plot. Good for readers of all ages, I can't recommend it enough!

View on September 8, 2017


Enjoyable story with a fairy tale twist

I thoroughly enjoy stories that have elements of fairy tales, and this book did not disappoint! Hunter has the case of a lifetime when seven dwarves come to his office and seek his help finding a missing girl. From there, you'll find the book is hard to put down as he discovers clues and unique characters. The dialogue is sharp and witty, making this for a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes stories with a fairy tale twist!

View on August 20, 2017


I wasn't sure going into this whether or not I would enjoy the story, The blurb seemed interesting but I've never read Sonya Black before so I wasn't sure. But since I could borrow the book for free and it has a fairy tale premises and everything I was like why not. And I'm glad I did.
This was a quick paced, engaging read I'm glad I stumbled across. I liked the plot, the characters were interesting and the climax held my attention completely. There was drama, romance (which wasn't the focus of the plot and I liked the way it was handled), revenge plots, politics and the like. Plus the language was fairly clean. So often I encounter books I think I'd like and then there's cursing every other word. (Another reason I was wary about picking up this book, because it sounded like something an author would have liberally sprinkled...more like gone overboard... profanity.)
Overall I liked the book, it was an enjoyable in between book and I think I'll look into the sequel.
Recommended? Sure
Buy/Borrow? Either or, I don't think this would be a waste of money, but it's not something you desperately need on your shelves.

see review February 18, 2017


Very enjoyable fantasy/mystery

This book was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is the first in Black's The Twisted Files series. From start to finish, the characters are interesting, quirky, and fun to know (even the villains -- if you can really figure out who they are). (With shades of Harry Dresden) Brendan Hunter has to solve a twisted mystery in his world -- where fairy tale characters live and magic abounds -- inevitably saving the damsel and the city. I very much look forward to the next installment of The Twisted Files (hopefully soon).

View on May 15, 2016


As I first started reading I thought how 'cliché' however I did enjoy very much and read within 2 weeks. Would like to know when book 2 is available.

View on February 1, 2016


A well-crafted story that balances the serious drama of criminal investigations against magical fairytale elements. The setting does a great job of fitting these magical races into the world without having them dominate the plot. What we end up with is a very believable world, complete with a swat team throwing around magic instead of flashbangs for their breach and clear.

Brendan's character makes for a good view-point. He feels like a real character who doesn't just fall into his destined fairytale romance and wants to control his own fate. He develops well as the novel progresses and throws around plenty of wit from his POV

see review January 12, 2016


Interesting take on the tale of Snow White

Not a bad book, but passing on the rest of the series.
I prefer books that I can't put down

see review January 10, 2016

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