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"Write your own Happily Ever After." 

One Writer's Journey

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Welcome to my World

Sonya M Black

For almost 30 years, I've called the Pacific Northwest home. My writing partners include two cats that distract as much  as they encourage the creative juices. My husband and son put up with my frequent bouts of writing and leave me presents of chocolate to appease the writing muse. I enjoy exploring worlds beyond this one and use myths, legends, and fairy tales as my guide to new stories.

Ode to my Moonshine

by Sonya M. Black

O bright moon, with thy ever changing face,
Gleaming softly in bejeweled ebon sky,
 Sweet honey kisses filled with tempting grace,
Upon the silken sheets entwined we lie.

Caress my upturned face with thy cool beams,
Thy ardent desire with sunrise fades,
O lead me onward to the land of dreams,
 Where I might find the blissful sleep of babes.

I arise with fiery rays of sun,
Left longing for thy passion filled embrace,
Perfumed night with want leaves me undone,
Thy blazing hunger leaves my heart a race.

Envy not my fresh thirst for zealous bliss,
Guard thy eager heart from my scorching kiss.

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